Bitcoin Robot

Bitcoin Robot

Bitcoin Robot  - is the worlds first working Bitcoin Robot – That is a software/bot that can execute Bitcoin Trades automatically to make you profits even while you sleep

The World’s First Automated Bitcoin Trading Robot!
No Brokers, No Binaries, No Forex, No Banks, No Holidays,No Censorship! 

Bitcoin Robot

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What is Bitcoin?

Here is the definition from WikiPedia

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency where the creation and transfer of bitcoins is based on an open-sourcecryptographic protocol that is independent of any central authority. Bitcoins can be transferred through a computer orsmartphone without an intermediate financial institution

Didn’t understand anything? No Probs. Just like you have money in form of papers, Bitcoin is a currency that is stored digitally in your digital vaults like computer, online disk, USB disk..etc. There is no regulatory or middle person to control Bitcoins as its an open source currency. It perfectly legal and safe!

It has value for the same reason, the paper (cash notes) in your pocket has value.

You can buy things with it.

So who all accept bitcoin to sell things? Many websites in the internet now accept bitcoin to buy their products or service. But not too many , as this is a new concept introduced in 2009.

But its gaining very high demand and getting very very popular because of its easiness of use and absence of third-person to process transactions. If you want to learn how Bitcoin works, just watch the below video!

But you don’t have to know how Bitcoin works to use it AND

You don’t have to know anything about Bitcoin at all to make money using Bitcoin Robot!

Watch the below video to see What Bitcoin is and how it works!


What is Bitcoin Robot?

If you know about currency trading and forex robots, then it is very easy for you to understand what Bitcoin Robot is. To put it simple, currency trading is the trading of various currency pairs, like USD to EUR, USD to YEN..etc. Currency rates varies every hour and you can trade currencies to make profit. Forex (Foreign Exchange) is the worlds largest market which has a turnover of $8 Trillion Every single day!

Now there are  Forex Robots, that can automatically make trades on your behalf. Its not a physical robot, but its just a software that automatically buy and sell currencies in your account by analysing and predicting the fluctuations in the currency rate. You need to have a good forex robot that predicts and make trades correctly, or else the software can lose your money. For example, FAPTurbo is one of the best forex robot ever and has already generated thousands to its users automatically.

Bitcoin Robot works the similar way – Its a software/script that trades your money (in USD) against Bitcoin Currency! Got it?

Once Bitcoin’s currency rate is about to increase, the bot buy some bitcoins using your USD, and when the rates are at the peak level, it sell the bitcoins for USD. So finally you get more US Dollars than you invested. Note that you can convert Bitcoin to any currency you want any time!

Also how much you invest is totally up to you! So you don need to use any bitcoin, know what they are or make transactions using them in order to use this bot. All you need is to get the bot, make your digital vault, deposit some money and give your account information to the bot, and it will execute trades. The bot make 10-20 trades a day based on fluctuations in the Bitcoin/USD currency paid.

So it makes money every day even while you are sleeping! Cool?

Of course, you don’t get all trades as profit as the bot execute lot of trades a day, but in the end of day you you are very likely to earn profit. The bot is engineered well to analyse fluctuations in the Bitcoin Currency Market and thus it make precise and accurate decision on when and how much to trade. The bot has a good success rate your investment will double in a short time!

Do you know that 1 Bitcoin was 7 USD in 2011, $104 in August 2013 and now is around $450?

If you bought 1000 bitcoins for $7000 2 years ago, now you would have had $104,000. Don’t worry! The demand for Bitcoin is still increasing!

But to make a trade every 2 year, you don’t need a robot! Right? Thats where Bitcoin Robots plays its role – It works not only with increments in rate, but also decrements. The more fluctuations occur in the market, the more it trades and the more money it makes for you!


Why you should get The Bitcoin Robot?

Perhaps you are new to currency investment, drowned in Forex or new to Bitcoin investments and you don’t know when and how to make trades. That is perfectly okay as this is a new concept – and you don’t need to know that now as Bitcoin Robot is there! Bitcoin Robot help you make money by auto-trading with the money you invest! You don’t need to know anything about currency investment or Bitcoin at all to use this bot.

This is an automated money making machine or more like an assistant doing trades with your money.

Also you don’t have to pay your assistant a monthly salary - The bot just cost you $149 (Buy Now). And how much to invest in it is all up to you and you can stop/start/withdraw/deposit any time you want!  There is no bank or no government to control you! Its perfectly legal and its the beginning to a revolution.

This is the worlds only bitcoin auto trader or the worlds only Bitcoin Robot at the moment.

Get the Bitcoin Robot NOW and Start Making Money

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Dec 02, 2013 by FAITHE

I started on dec1... nervy, but not much to lose... **I kept telling self**

Will update u guys.

By the way, the API... R we all using the same?

Bitcoin Robot

Nov 11, 2013 by Steve

Robot has been trading 6 days for me, so far so good, slow gradual increases in profit daily. Not every trade is successful, but by days end back in profit.......thanks for the opportunity. :-)

5.0 5.0 2 2 I started on dec1... nervy, but not much to lose... **I kept telling self**Will update u guys.By the way, the API... R we all using the same? Bitcoin Robot

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