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2000 (99%), 6000 (1%) satoshi every 800 minutes.

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an advanced money (likewise called crypto-coin) that is not upheld by any nation's national bank or government. Bitcoins can be exchanged for products or administrations with merchants who acknowledge Bitcoins as installment.
Bitcoin-to-Bitcoin exchanges are made by digitally trading unknown, vigorously scrambled hash codes over a shared (P2P) system. The P2P system screens and checks the exchange of Bitcoins between clients. Every client's Bitcoins are put away in a project called an advanced wallet, which additionally holds every location the client sends and gets Bitcoins from, and also a private key known just to the client.
The Bitcoin system is intended to numerically create close to 21 million Bitcoins and the system is set up to manage itself to manage swelling. Bitcoins can be spent by starting an exchange demand from a Bitcoin address in the client's wallet to a Bitcoin address in the seller's wallet.

How Bitcoins are achieved?

Anyone can get bitcoins mining. At first it was very easy to get. To undermine a computer with software required mining. As the popularity grew it became increasingly difficult to undermine them released because the amount of bitcoins is bounded (25 Bitcoins every 10 minutes) and is divided between the miners. Each miner carried proportionally based on its processing power. Today expensive for mining equipment is used and yet what you get is much less than what was achieved a few years ago with a simple computer. Another way to get bitcoins is of course accepting bitcoins as payment or in exchange buying.

What gives them value?

The value of bitcoins is mainly given by the use they have and what people are willing to pay for them. In total there will be 21 million bitcoins, so the more used to it and it is a scarce resource, its value increases.

How a wallet is wallet?

There are several wallets that can be downloaded to the phone or computer, such as Multibit but more importantly it is not even necessary to have a computer to have bitcoins. Bitcoins can be stored in paper wallets. A wallet has two keys. A publishes (eg 1FVhseg96rWymdivQgHoxfjkuhmWDbWfBA) and a private (eg 5JUpDLQyJutM2bWvoVNQHPMBAXRwxtThXxt4oCEH9Wkx6GvgeBu). Anyone in possession of these 2 things will own wallet and all bitcoins it contains. A place where you can create a wallet paper in seconds is


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